Reasons I want to Lose Weight

I will be in better health
I want to wear misses clothing instead of plus sizes
I want more to wear more stylish clothes
I won’t feel so self-conscious
I will have more confidence
I will live longer
I will have more energy
I will be happier when I look in the mirror
I will have more self-esteem
I will feel better physically
I will look better
I will like myself more
I will feel more in control
I want to get off blood pressure and cholesterol meds
I want to have a normal BMI

Reasons to Get Up and Do It (Exercise)
Increase endurance
Less susceptable to disease
Improve complexion
Strengthen heart muscles
Reduce tention and able to handle stress more effectively
Lose weight and keep it off Prevent constipation
Improve sleep Lift spirits Relive depression
Increase self-esteem, confidence, self-worth
Increase strength
Purify blood
Increase flexibility
Decrease Cholesterol
Relive hypertension
Help loose inches
Reduce varicose veins
Relive Arthritis
Retard premature aging
Aid digestive process
Eliminate cronic fatigue
Improve circulation

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